We have a wide range of RGB as well as GREEN, portable state of the art Lasers, from 2 watts to 25 watts, which can present Real 3D Graphic Animation, 2D Graphic Animation & Atmospheric Laser Effects, without even bothering about space, heavy power/load requirements & most important NO WATER is required for cooling!


   Laser graphics concern the art of creating three-dimensional & two-dimensional images and abstract patterns, using special optics, projected onto various types of Screens – Gauze (Motorised/Manual), Water or Projection.

   It can be the corporate Logos or any images in relation to any product or campaigns, launch themes or compatible to definite storyboards.

   This is not like watching video or film - the intense color and contrast of lasers, combined with the unique glittering qualities of the light, transport viewers to another world.

Beam Show:

   Beam shows or Atmospheric effects consist of several different elements. Sometimes a show features an intricate web of static beams, while other times the beams may be "scanned" to create patterns such as cones, tunnels and fans. These eye-popping beam effects can easily fill a venue with dazzling laser light, and (with a strong enough laser) can bounce from mirror to mirror and fill the biggest arenas.

   Beams can be combined with open-weave scrims and water screens to add a third-dimension: the airborne beam creates a graphic image as it "slices" though the screen while continuing to travel through the air. Audience scanning is extremely popular where beams actually reach out and touch the audience, enveloping crowds in glimmering sheets, beams and tunnels of light.

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