Since 1986, Pangolin has amassed over 50,000 clients, firmly positioning our company as a world leader; providing software and hardware solutions to the laser light show and entertainment industries.

Pangolin offers their clients the very latest technological solutions in the fields of laser display, laser protection, optical scanning, and SMS technologies. Pangolin currently have over a dozen patents for products they have introduced, which have led to major breakthroughs in the laser and entertainment industries.

Dhawan Stagecrafts is proud to be associated with PANGOLIN and represent them in India, for the last over 15 years.

FB3QS with QuickShow

Item Code: FB3QS

Powerful, Affordable, and Easy to Use…

QuickShow is a complete laser control system including both the QuickShow software and FB3QS hardware. Whether you’re a new to lasers or a seasoned professional, you can get amazing results in just minutes using QuickShow. The software is packed with powerful features so that you can create both “live” and pre-programmed laser shows faster and easier than ever before. And our innovative Quick Tools allow you to create custom laser beam effects, graphics, text, animations, abstracts, and laser logos, with ease. We also include nearly 2,000 pre-programed laser cues, and hundreds of beautiful laser shows, absolutely FREE. If you want to create stunning laser light shows without spending a fortune, then QuickShow is the answer.

Technical Specifications & Features:

  • Easy to use USB to ILDA interface
  • Support for up to 120K scan speeds
  • Support for 6-color channels

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Lasershow Designer 2000 Pro / Basic / Intro

Item Code: LD2000 Pro, Basic or Intro

LD2000 is a professional level software, used for creating the highest quality laser shows
Over the last decade, LD2000 has become the “industry standard” for professional laser show control.
It is a complete system, and comes with the LD2000 software and QM2000 hardware. It is available in three levels (Intro, Basic, and Pro) and we also offer you a convenient upgrade path between these versions. Just about anything you want to do with laser graphics and beams, you can do with LD2000. It also comes with 150 pre-programed laser shows, and over 300,000 laser clip art frames. LD2000 has won more awards for clients than any other laser controller on the market today!

Lasershow Designer 2000 – Features
Lasershow Designer is one of the most popular professional-level laser show software on Earth. 

QM2000 laser computer card
A PCI-based computer card, that can be installed directly into a PC, or integrated into one of our .NET network hardware configurations. The QM2000 is a sophisticated laser-computer-on-a-board; it handles all laser signal processing so output quality does not depend on the Windows PC’s microprocessor. (Note: Because it handles all laser signal processing, the QM2000 must be installed in the computer or in a .NET configuration, in order for LD2000 to run.)

Lasershow Designer 2000 frame creator
A program for creating, editing and animating frames. This was the first software component written for LD2000, so it is also called Lasershow Designer 2000 (or the “frame editor”).

Showtime show creation software
A program for making the laser show. You create effects, and sequencing those effects with frames and music. This is called Showtime; it uses a timeline editing system similar to standard multimedia programs (Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director).

Live! cue-playing software
A program for setting up and playing cues live. This is called Live! (It runs as part of Showtime but functionally can be considered a separate program.)

AutoPlay 2000
Useful for standalone situations where one or more shows must play over and over.

Bitmap graphic tracing utility to automatically turn pictures into laser outlines.

Lasershow Video VST
Real-time video to laser converter.

Over 100 shows and demos
Totaling over three hours of laser graphic and beam shows, plus over 300,000 clip art frames.

Extensive online help
Via the five help files with over 750 pages of topics covering LD (frame editor), Showtime/Live!/Lasershow Performer, the QM2000 board, fundamentals of laser graphics, and the ILDA laser glossary.

And Best of all!
Free lifetime updates.

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LD2000 Professional is the highest version, for those doing laser shows full-time. It includes all features, including the ability to create 3D objects. When making a show, you can have up to 32 objects (tracks) simultaneously.

  • An LD2000 Pro system can create or edit a show with up to 30 projectors, in the same computer or over an Ethernet network, provided that you have a QM2000 for each projector.

LD2000 Basic is mid-level. You can make flat, 2D drawings but not 3D objects. The abstract generator has two oscillators, instead of Pro’s three. When making a show, there are 16 tracks available.

LD2000 Intro is the lowest-cost, yet it still has a lot of power. You can create a variety of frames and shows with the Intro version. However, the frames will be flat (2D), and the Abstract Generator has only one oscillator. When making a show, you can only work with 8 tracks, and there are fewer effects such as morphing. Still, for many simple uses, Intro is more than capable of doing high-quality shows.

Intro systems are often used as “slaves” for running multiple laser projectors and scanner heads. Intro systems are also ideal for playback-only applications, since they can play back any show created on any version of LD2000.

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Item Code:

The QM2000.NET Laptop Box is an ideal way to control your laser projectors from a laptop, using a network connection

This sturdy laptop-friendly box includes the power supply and the Network Adapter Board. This box can be connected to your local network or directly to your computer. The size of this small box is 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches (19 x 19 x 3.8cm).
The QM2000.NET Laptop Box is great if you want to expand the number of projectors controlled, or create large scale shows using numerous laser projectors. The .NET Laptop box works with standard 10/100 Ethernet cables.

Product Overview

The .NET Laptop Box houses your existing QM2000 board, so that you can run it outside of the standard PCI card slot. Simply install an existing QM2000 board into the .NET Laptop Box, or purchase a .NET Laptop Box when ordering a new QM2000 board, and we’ll do the integration for you.

Note that some QM2000 boards may require an upgrade, in order to work in .NET configuration:
• QM2000 boards under serial number 3400 will not be able to work in a .NET configuration.
• QM2000 boards under serial number 7400 will require a .NET upgrade in order to work in a network configuration.
• QM2000 boards over serial number 7400 will work in a .NET configuration without any upgrade required.

If you are interested in updating an existing QM2000 board to work in a .NET configuration, please contact us. We have service and support facilities around the globe, and can help facilitate this process for you.

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